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Available until 11.59pm Wednesday 30th November 2022

Kash Kash: Without Feathers We Can’t Live | Engaging the Personal & Political on film

Kash Kash: Without Feathers We Can’t Live (Wednesday 16th November, Gate Cinema Cork) is a fantastic new documentary that takes a birds-eye view of the city of Beirut at a time of crisis, corruption and political turmoil. Against this backdrop of growing unrest, Lea Najjar’s incredibly human film paints a portrait of an unusual sporting passion that seems to give life meaning as everything else collapses.

 In this session, director Lea Najjar and co-writer Alia Haju will discuss what it was like to film contemporary Beirut, how to effectively marry together the political and the personal in documentary film and just why there are so many Lebanese men playing ‘catch the pigeon’.


Lea Najjar – Director, Kash Kash: Without Feathers We Can’t Live

Alia Haju – Co-writer, Kash Kash: Without Feathers We Can’t Live

In conversation with: Nadine Asmar – Filmmaker / FIlm Programme


Battleground | Chronicling a Movement

Cynthia Lowen is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and award-winning writer whose work uses the power of story to catalyse meaningful change, confronting timely social issues and shining a light on contemporary concerns. Her most feature length documentary Battleground (showing at CIFF on Saturday 19th November at Gate Cinema Cork and available to watch online from Friday 18th November), continues in this mode, providing an powerful, timely and urgent look at the anti-abortion movement in the US. 

In this comprehensive discussion about the film, Cynthia discusses the making of Battleground - crafting a fascinating and terrifying portrait of the quest to overturn Roe v Wade, and depicting the intersection of abortion and politics in America.

Speaker: Cynthia Lowen - Director, Battleground

In conversation with: Lucy Kennedy - Co-director, The 8th

The Ghost of Richard Harris | Profiling an icon

The Ghost of Richard Harris, which profiles one of Ireland’s most remarkable acting talents, is a documentary film a long time in the making. It recently world premiered at the Venice Film Festival and has its Irish premiere at Cork International Film Festival (Sunday, 13th November at The Everyman).

In this in-depth case study of the film, director and producer Adrian Sibley gives a frank account of the lengthy development phase of the film, its creative collaborations, and the intricacies involved in chronicling the life of such a legendary figure.

Speaker: Adrian Sibley - Director/Producer, The Ghost of Richard Harris

In conversation with: Susan Kirby - CEO, Screen Producers Ireland

How to Save a Dead Friend | Personal Documentary Filmmaking

How to Save a Dead Friend is a harrowing portrait of disenfranchised youth in Putin’s Russia, which is both fascinating and devastating in its depiction of romance, codependency and letting go. A nominee for the Cinematic Documentary Award at Cork International Film Festival this year, it is a deeply personal documentary with rich archival elements and extraordinary candour, with the director weaving a highly authored and passionate tale of love and death. In this intimate conversation, she breaks down her motivations and inspiration, and the evolutions in the making of this very personal film. How to Save a Dead Friend screens at CIFF on Thursday, 17th November at Gate Cinema Cork.

Speaker: Marusya Syroechkovskaya - Director, How to Save a Dead Friend

In conversation with: Rohan Berry Crickmar - Documentary Programmer

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