65th Cork International Film Festival

Family Friendly Shorts + Q&A

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Archie's Bat (Family Shorts)
A young boy makes an unlikely bond with an injured bat.
The Priest's Leap (Family Shorts)
Two grannies, Mary and Margaret, tell their grandchild a local legend. But they can’t agree on the details…
Method (Family Shorts)
All Square Boi wants is his cuppa and he’s willing to face insanity for it.
The Reckolahesperus (Family Shorts)
One day Sam’s mother says something strange to him which leads him to make friends with an extraordinary creature.
Fisherman (Family Shorts)
'Fisherman’ follows the story of a young girl’s journey to reconnect with her ancestral heritage.
The Peak (Family Shorts)
An adventure story familiar to all of us: overcoming your fear of the dark when nature calls!
Rawr (Family Shorts)
A young dinosaur enthusiast discovers her favourite show has announced a feature film! But when the day comes for her to see the film, Clíodhna discovers some disappointing news...
Melting Heart Cake (Family Shorts)
To share a cake with her friend, Anna must cross a glacial forest inhabited by a terrifying giant.
Oeil pour Oeil (Family Shorts)
A one-eyed pirate captain is determined to find treasure, no matter what!
Mishou (Family Shorts)
The lives of four lively Arctic hares take a turn after discovering a strange new creature.
Rehak (Family Shorts)
A young girl discovers Rehak, a magical drawing hidden behind her bedroom wall.
Blue (Family Shorts)
Feelings can be hard for a six-year-old to understand; luckily Katie has her best friends Barry and Betty to help her out.
Tina Times Two (Family Shorts)
A lonely girl's wish comes true when she gains a magical friend: an exact double of herself!
Family Friendly Shorts Q&A
Q&A with filmmakers Mary Smyth, Lewis Barfoot, Narae Kim, Satoshi Takahashi, Vera Trajanova, Pierre B, Megan Devaney, Finbarr Crotty, Bonnie Dempsey
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A young boy makes an unlikely bond with an injured bat. However, a bat is not an ideal playmate for a young child. Archie will discover that there's a lot of responsibility in caring for another living being.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    3 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Shannon Egan
  • Screenwriter
    Shannon Egan
  • Producer
    Shannon Egan
  • Editor
    Shannon Egan
  • Composer
    Shannon Egan