65th Cork International Film Festival

Irish Shorts 2: Altered States + Q&A

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Changing Dates (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
Over a series of five dates, a young woman uses time travel to make her and her date more comfortable.
How to Fall in Love in a Pandemic (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
A capsule romance accelerates dramatically against the backdrop of the pandemic as two filmmakers are forced to move in together after two weeks of knowing each other.
Boxed Up (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
The final piece of a relationship trades hands for the last time
The Long Summer - Still To Come? (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
A short film tribute to the late James Simmons, the well-known Irish poet and songwriter.
Forest (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
‘Forest’ reflects upon humanity's ignorance of its destructive nature on earth, the innocence of youth, and the indifference of adulthood.
Please Be Seated (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
For most, taking a seat doesn't merit a moment's thought; but for some, it can be a daily struggle.
The Presence of Absence (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
Bridget’s encounter with an estranged aunt sends her on a journey to find the father she has never known.
Iarscoláire (Past Pupil) - (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
An abandoned school building in Dublin's city centre opens its doors to former pupils for one day only...
Fallow Table (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
Balloons are strewn across an abandoned car park. A pile of soil lies on a dining table. Identical twins dress for a funeral party.
Arena (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
Stand eye to eye with the Patriarchal Beast.
Dúirt Tú (You Said) - (Irish Shorts 2: Altered States)
Two former partners are divided by distance. One wishes to reconnect, the other refuses to answer the call.
Irish Shorts 2: Altered States Q&A
Q&A with Femi Falana, Michael-David McKernan, Lochlainn McKenna, Dermott Burns, Kevin Scott, Laura Conlon, Jessica & Megan Kennedy, Luca Truffarelli, Shaun Dunne and Zoe Ní Riordáin
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An eclectic mix of fiction, documentary, poetic storytelling and animation detailing people and lives out of joint. 

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